SHAOXING JUMP MACHINERY CO,.LTD is an all-around company of engaging in scientific research and industrial manufacturing and trade. We are hammering away at researching and developing the equipment for new rubber belt. We have accumulated advanced manufacturing equipment, and have possessed a powerful technical personnel and specialists. Our newest products, the whole set of equipment for rubberized fabric vulcanizing rope V-belt and we has solved a lot of questions in manufacturing V-belt, contains multinomial the newest technology and products. The equipment is famous for it's high quality and advanced function and reasonable price and so on in the market of the equipment for V-belt, and has been proved to be quite promising, and has been widely accepted, and is being popularized by the rubber department .

    We will be pleased only when you are pleased; what you need is just what we are seeking for.

General manager:陳建文
English name: Jianwen Chen


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